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A quick update on the progress of the cob shelter

Before writing more in detail about the techniques, I want to give a brief update with a couple of pictures to show, how the project has progressed over the last two month. Now it was time to cover the whole … Læs resten

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about breads, croissants, macaroons and pieces of cake

In this and following posts I go more into depth with some of the different steps in my  cob building project. The first will be the actual making of the cob mixture. But let me start by making two general … Læs resten

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Integrating a channel for fresh air intake in the cob wall

I expect the shelter to become very air-tight. Or at least the ambition is to get it as tight as possible for good temperature control. The only really critical part, where cold air might blow in uncontrolled is the door. But … Læs resten

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cob shelter, plan and update

I had to apply for permission to raise the shelter in my garden. Because the garden colony area is under nature protection, the regulations are rather strict. I got a friend who is good at google sketchup to draw a quick sketch. … Læs resten

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Improving the techniques (cob)

One of the big advantages with building in cob as compared to other methods is the extreme flexibility. It is almost impossible to mess up. There is always a possibility to correct afterwards. For example, when the wall becomes to … Læs resten

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I am building a cob shelter

I have started building a cob shelter in my garden on the country side. The structure is going to be 10 m2 and combines to the south side with a 5 m2 glasshouse. The floor level of the shelter will be … Læs resten

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Capitalism is a culture of waste

There is two ways to define waste. One is, that an item turns obsolete and cannot be used any longer. The other is that the item is toxic and therefore of concern for the environment. Ironically, both problems are man-made. … Læs resten

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