climate change

I just recently realized that ‘climate change’ indeed is a hoax.

Yes, the climate is changing, and changes seem to be man-made. But climate change is only the tip of the iceberg and is ment to detract us from the real threat. The real threat is the direct destruction of our planet.

Climate change is a debatable dimension. It can and obviously has been discussed, to what extend climate change was man-made. Instead, not much had to be debated when it comes to ‘direct destruction’. Mount top removal to mine tarsand in Alberta is obviously man made, and is not only unacceptable because of potential climate change, but first of all because of the direct destruction of the ecosystems and the massive concurrent pollution.

Climate change points towards the future and detracts from the here and now. The creation of ‘climate change’ has made us believe that the threat lies in the future and that changes are uncertain. The problem has been postponed and therefore the urgency consistently ignored.

Climate scientists know that. They know that climate change is real. But they also know that ‘climate change’ is a hoax. But scientists also have received lots of money for their research. They are corrupted by the system to not tell the truth. So they try to ignore it.

‘Climate change’ has been more profitable than the true story. There was no need to absolutely abandon fossil fuel burning. Instead CO2 quotes could be traded to justify dirty business as usual. Just even bigger business.

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